Albion Primary School


it is our intent to provide creative opportunities for pupils to develop their scientific curiosity by taking risks and fostering the growth of their knowledge and understanding. 

To ensure pupils appreciate how science has changed our lives and its vitality to future prosperity.

At Albion, we believe that science is best learned by developing a sound knowledge of the subject and through working scientifically. We aim to motivate and engage pupils so that they develop an independent interest and curiosity for the world around them and how it works.

We follow the National Curriculum but have developed a hands-on practical approach by linking where possible to a topic. Pupils are taught to use practical scientific methods, processes and skills to develop their knowledge of science.

Pupils learn to raise questions and turn ideas into investigations. They make predictions and observations as they either work individually or as a pair or in a team. Pupils use their skills taught in English and maths to take measurements, record and evaluate the evidence they have found. They also have opportunities to log data using their computing skills. Consequently, pupils make conclusions based on what they have investigated.

Our pupils become familiar with, and use, technical terminology accurately and precisely whilst building up an extended specialist vocabulary to describe associated processes and key characteristics of science.

As well as working within the classroom, science lessons provide a great opportunity to work outdoors and explore the local environment. Our fantastic forest school, chickens and balconies are used as an important resource to maximise the children’s learning experiences. Pupils across the school also regularly visit Lavender Pond Nature Park, Surrey Docks Farm, Mudchute Farm, The Paper Garden and Russia Dock Woodlands (to name a few) to enhance their scientific knowledge and experiences.

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