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Remote Learning (Parents)

Remote Learning will be provided if a child is absent from school for a long period of time but well enough to complete work

There may be times where a child is absent from school for a long period of time and is well enough to complete work, this is where we will provide remote learning. We intend to provide clarity and transparency to pupils and parents or carers about what to expect from remote education where children are unable to access lessons in school for exceptional reasons. Remote education will be provided if children are absent from school for a long period of time but are well enough to complete work, this could be due to Covid restrictions or a medial or housing reasoning. Remote learning provision will be discussed with your child’s class teacher and the senior leadership team. If your child is too unwell to be in school, we consider them too unwell to be completing work, therefore they will not be provided with remote learning if they are off school due to sickness. Once you have discussed the need for remote learning with school, remote learning will normally be available from day 2 of an absence, however, this may differ dependent on the circumstances. Please note, remote learning will also only be provided for children with an authorised absence.

To find out more information regarding remote learning, click on the links below. If you require further information please contact the class teacher via the class email or the school office on 02072373738

Remote Learning Provision Policy: Information for Parents/Carers

Remote Education: 10 Top Tips for Parents/Carers

Remote Learning Parent/Carer Survey - January 2021


Tutorials have been created to assist parents/carers with remote learning:

How to log into Google Classroom

How to submit work to the class teacher

Remote Learning - Lockdown 2021

Remote Learning evolved in 2021 during lockdown. We previously provided remote learning through different online software/apps we provided. With the increased availability of devices we were able to provide the children we were able to teach live lessons and provide online work. To find out more, click here.

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