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Introducing our new Peer Mediators

Introducing our new Peer Mediators

🌟🔍 Embracing the Core of Albion's Pupil Leadership! 🏫✨

At Albion, our Pupil Leadership stands tall on three pillars:

✨ School Council
✨ Peer Mediators
✨ PlayMakers

A round of applause to our phenomenal Peer Mediation Pupils! 🎉👏 They've not just completed their training; they've excelled! Their dedication to peaceful conflict resolution is awe-inspiring. Soon, they'll be proudly clutching their certificates, ready to shape our school community with empathy and harmony. 🎓🌈 Let's champion understanding, empathy, kindness and unity together! 🤝🤗

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Peer Mediation


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