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New School Uniform

New School Uniform

Our school uniform is based on the belief that it promotes a sense of pride, reflects the sense of community and supports our commitment to inclusion...

Our new Albion uniform will be introduced in September 2020. 

Children wearing new school uniform



School Uniform Letter (26.08.2020)

School Uniform Letter (02.07.2020)

School Uniform Letter (25.02.2020)

School Uniform Letter (17.06.2020)

Parents/Carers of children who already attend Albion Primary School will receive a complimentary Albion sweatshirt. We ask that parents/carers complete the online form. There they can also indicate if they would rather donate their complimentary Albion sweat shirt to another family.

Complimentary Sweatshirt Form

School uniform - Nursery to Year 5

Sweatshirt with or without an Albion logo (bottle green)

Polo shirt with or without an Albion logo (bottle green or white)

Cardigan with or without an Albion logo (bottle green)

Fleece with or without an Albion logo (bottle green)

Skirt, pinafore dress, trousers and shorts (grey)

Solid black shoes or solid black trainers

Striped/checked summer dress (green and white)

Hijab (plain bottle green, grey or black)

Tights or socks (plain bottle green, grey or black tights)

School uniform - Year 6

V-neck/crew neck sweatshirt/jumper with or without an Albion logo (bottle green)

Shirt - long or short sleeve (white)

Tie (Albion bottle green and silver striped)

Cardigan with or without an Albion logo (bottle green)

Fleece with or without an Albion logo (bottle green)

Skirt, pinafore dress, trousers and shorts (grey)

Solid black shoes or solid black trainers

Striped/checked summer dress (green and white)

Hijab (plain bottle green, grey or black)

Tights or socks (plain bottle green, grey or black)

A shirt and tie must always be worn except when a child wears a summer dress.

School uniform - PE kits

T-shirts with or without an Albion logo (white, grey or green)

Shorts (bottle green or black)

School uniform - other items of clothing and accessories we offer

Book bags with an Albion logo (bottle green)

PE bags (bottle green)

Coat with an Albion logo (bottle green)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Will there be a transition period from the blue uniform to the green uniform?

Yes. The new school uniform will be on sale in the Summer term 2020. We understand some children may need a new sweater from then. The transition period will cease at the end of July 2020 and the children will be expected to come into school wearing the new bottle green uniform from September 2020.
The decision to change Albion school uniform was announced in the middle of the Autumn term 2019.


2. Can the children still wear the blue school uniform in September onwards?

No, the new bottle green uniform will commence from September 2020. Children should refrain from wearing the blue uniform from that point onwards. It is important for children to be wearing the correct uniform to be unified with the rest of Albion.


3. Can children still wear grey pinafore dresses and grey skirts?

Yes they can as this has not changed.


4. Can children start wearing the green and white summer dress in summer 2020?

Yes they can.


5. If I want to donate my complimentary new green school uniform sweater to another family, what do I do?

In the summer term, we will be writing to you informing you of how to collect your child’s new sweater. At that point we will also ask you if you would like to donate it to another family. You can either complete the form or inform the class teacher.


6. Can my child wear a bottle green sweatshirt or polo shirt without the logo?

Yes, we have tried to make the school uniform affordable and understand some children may go through uniforms quicker than others. Children grow fast. When deciding on our new uniform, we visited different clothing stores to compare prices and availability. Bottle green sweaters (no logo), polo shirts (no logo), white shirts for year 6 and grey trouser/skirts/pinafore dresses can be found at Tesco, Asda and other retail providers.


7. When does the new uniform come into effect?

September 2020.


8. What can I do with the blue uniform from September?

The children constantly are thinking about the world we live in. We have decided to donate the blue uniform to schools/organisations that would put it to good use.
This will be announced in the summer term and we will commence collection in Autumn 2020.


9. I have bought my child’s blue uniform expecting it to last for two years, what do I do?

We have decided to purchase the first sweater for each child.
The blue uniform can be brought into school where we can donate it to another school.


10. My child needs a replacement sweater now, what do I do?

Leading supermarkets sell sweaters and polo shirts without the logo at reasonable prices. Buying white polo shirts means your child can wear it as part of the new school uniform from September 2020.


11. Will the new school uniform be cheaper?

We are looking into a different supplier and will provide families with more information in the summer term. We are thinking about the quality of the uniform as well as the cost.


12. The delivery time for the uniform takes weeks, why?

For this year the delivery time has taken a while for certain items of clothing as the provider has run out of stock. They have them made to order. We have decided not to stock items as we knew we were changing school uniform.
From Summer 2020, there should be enough items of clothing in stock. The providers say the delivery should be 3-5 days.


13. Will I be able to purchase uniform from Albion?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to purchase uniform from Albion as we do not have the capacity to house the stock. You will be able to purchase uniform online and have it delivered to your home/work address.


14. Why has the uniform changed?

Albion uniform has evolved as the school building, vision and values have. The uniform is the last part to bring everything together. The school colours are green and grey which can be seen around the school on the building. In Autumn 2019 the new logo was announced so it was inevitable that it would replace the old logo on the blue uniform.

We have tried to make the change as minimal as possible where the only items of significant change is the blue sweater to a green sweater, the blue polo shirt to a bottle green polo shirt and the yellow/white and blue/white dress to a green/white dress for the summer period.


15. Why have year 6 children got a different school uniform from the rest of the school?

When consulting with school council and the school, the majority of the  children really wanted to wear shirt and tie. We decided that wearing a shirt and tie could be part of the year 6 uniform in preparation for secondary school.
Year 6 children can wear bottle green crew or v-neck sweatshirts/jumpers.


16. Will Albion be providing children with free uniform every year?

No, in preparation for September 2020, this will be the only time we will offer our free new school uniform.


17. My child is in the nursery, do they have to wear school uniform?

Children in the nursery have the option to wear school uniform or come into school in their own clothes.


18. When can we start purchasing the new school uniform?

As part of the change over, we are researching other school uniform providers to get best value for money. This process should be completed during the summer term where we will be able to inform you of the same/new provider.


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